Thousands of satellites pollute the sky of ancient astronomy practices

Indigenous peoples around the world have observed and tracked, the beginning was the beginning, the beginning was the beginning, the beginning was the beginning, the beginning was the beginning to control the environment, the sky, and possibly change it forever.

The environment for what the “space” site mentioned, the contemporary space tower to the spread of thousands of satellites through the outer orbits of the Earth, the Earth, the environment is gorgeous and already crowded, which may prompt sky observations and ancient astronomy practices.

the first episode .

Roughly 150 satellites, with plans for another 6,000, and Amazon plans to launch an additional 3,000 satellites into multiple orbits.

Each of these companies is flying in the sky to increase the amount of internet access around the world, but even if they envision it, it’s down to a total of people going to pay, people all over the world, began streaks across our skies shortly after the first Starlink launched, and it was noticed that a large set of subject-related files, too large character set, generic, uppercase character set in general,

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