A bug in Android “may cause” battery life to “bomb” .. Know it

Battery life is a concern for smartphone owners, it wasn’t that many

And a software bug inside the famous messages from Google led to the camera application running in the background, as it had been working for hours, matching, matching and matching with the camera, turning on the device and launching the camera application.

The bug is first detected faster.

The age of the environment seems to indicate the existence of the Android operating platform

And the Google Messages app allows quick access to the camera so you can take pictures in a conversation thread without leaving the app, and I denied permission to access the Google Messages camera app when you first installed the app, you’ll find who bypassed this error.

Fortunately, Google has determined the cause of the battery drain error, and a permanent fix will be made available to Android users around the world soon.

And the latest beta version of the Google Messenger app succeeded in fixing the battery drain issue, which was released on April 19, 2022.

For welcome, for welcome to release, trial version, released version of the previous version, verbs and verbs for older performance, please wait.

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