Hawaiian Airlines is the first airline to offer Starlink Internet service

It has signed a deal to offer SpaceX’s Starlink service on its trans-Pacific flights.

And an Airbus A321neo, an Airbus 330 or a Boeing 787-9, you’ll get free WiFi

Hawaii will begin deploying broadband, Starlink aircraft prices in 2023, there are plans to have satellite access to Boeing 717 aircraft that provide short-range flights between the Hawaiian islands.

A major airline uses Starlink, and SpaceX signed its first flight deal earlier this month with charter airline JSX, which operates shorter, lower-capacity flights.

And conducted tests that produced Starlink tests, but the eggs exactly whether or when the company will adopt this technology.

The first part of the agenda from SpaceX Airlines.

Major airlines already offer satellite internet to passengers, and their scheme has begun to produce the occasional growth, and the new deal gives SpaceX an important foothold, and it wouldn’t be surprising if more airlines tried Starlink before long.

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