How do you know who viewed your TikTok profile?

The media app Tik Tok has introduced a “View Profile” feature that in turn allows – as the name suggests – to see who viewed their profile.


How to turn on and off Profile View History

Start default setting, to start your profile viewing history.

Turn on the profile view feature

You can toggle view history profile on and off in your settings, you can follow the steps on the TikTok app:

Open your profile.

Tap on the three horizontal lines icon in the top corner.

– Select the residential area at the top of the unit.

Click “Privacy”.

Scroll down to the View Profile section.

– Click the click button to the right of “Play Profile” to turn this on or off.

Refer to what came before. You may have to wait to be able to use it.

How to see who viewed your TikTok profile

See You can see your profile by following these 3 steps on the TikTok app:

Click on the “More than Mail Feature” icon.

– Select “Activity”.

– Click “Profile Views”.

– You will then see notifications that “XXX viewed your profile in [نقطة زمنية]”.

How to control who sees your TikToks

You can prevent people from viewing your profile and videos on TikTok.

If you want to control the running of your own TikToks, then consider making your own TikTok account.

To do this, follow the steps:

Head to the “I” section.

– Select the three lines in the upper corner.

– Choose “Privacy”.

– Switch the tab to “Private Account”.

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