Report: AR-VR headset market in Asia-Pacific grows 51%

Amidst the hype over the metaverse, augmented reality/virtual reality (AR-VR) headsets are likely to grow in Asia

And in 2021, the Asia-Pacific AR/headphone market grew 60 percent, with shipments to 2.19 million units, for the International Data Center (IDC).

“Resellers pushing consumer action and more quality content like AAA games or apps, should continue to keep shipments growing in the long run,” said Yexi Liao, AR/VR Market Analyst and Game Research.

And in the commercial sector, education and training requests in leadership,” and added Leah.

AR/VR shipments are expected to grow in economic growth as contents become more enriched under the influence of new vendors/developers and more AR/VR headset options are made available in the market.

“While the Asia/Pacific region has benefited from the Meta Quest 2, the biggest push has been brands like DPVR, Pico, iQiyi, Nolo and others,” Liao said.

Chinese brands contributed 60 percent of the head.

Meta recorded the largest growth (y/y) among the top 5 sellers at 276.2 percent, and the report showed that this was largely due to Quest 2 which continued to rise throughout 2021 with high demand in mature markets such as Victoria, South Korea and Taiwan.

with 70.0 percent of the commercial population in 2021 thanks to its new models, Vive Focus 3 and Vive Pro 2

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