Self-driving taxi startup licensed in China

Driving technology company, said it holds a taxi license in China, and is carrying some of its self-driving vehicles to start charging fees, and the company said it is the first self-driving company in the country.

The New Car Company, Jade, and Jade mentioned.

A spokesperson said, the rides are being offered in a smaller industrial area on a trial basis and, according to the company’s statement, begin charging for the entire 800 square kilometer area of ​​the area with drive-through vehicles, and travelers can welcome and pay for rides using the special app.

She said that Pony. in the future of mobility. has been active in the US and China, where it tested its driverless technology on public roads in Fremont and Milpitas, California, as well as the Chinese cities of British Beach and Beijing.

Momenta started in domestic car prices, saw start-ups, and company

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