The first space crew my breakfast

Seventeen days after they left Earth, an entire private space crew has returned safely to terra firma, according to an engadged report.

A SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carrying four AX-1 astronauts landed in the Atlantic Ocean, the coast of Jacksonville today.

The capsule ejected from the International Space Station at 9:10 p.m. ET on Sunday to begin its 16-hour return journey, and Axiom Space, NASA and SpaceX have agreed to a return plan based on weather forecasts at the landing site.

The mission lasted on the seventh of initially planned.

The Business Crew – Commander and former astronaut in some experiments during their time in international space.

There are over 200 pounds of tutorials, and you need it at that.

It is expected to launch Axiom Space, making the airline’s subsidiary airline for the upcoming flight mission.

It is also building a commercial unit in the international space in addition to a unit that contains a film studio and a sports arena.

The International Space Station is expected to separate in 2028, after which it will operate independently.

in January 2031 and directed to a capture course over the Pacific Ocean.

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