Twitter CEO reassures employees after Elon Musk buys the company

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, Arwaj Agrawal,

It should be a virtual call for everyone, hours after the announcement is valid.

“I have requested anonymity requests, and the current cosmetic operations,” Agrawal said. The deal will be closed.

“There is already no close closure on what will happen after the deal,” Ajrawal told the staff there is already a “virgin move.

Since it became an intent earlier in this expression, some Twitter employees returned their satisfaction or outright resistance to buying a clear mask, wanting to see changes on the platform, and insisting that his attempts to buy it financial are not.

Should the source unlock the algorithm, Musk said last week.

throughout the session.

It was banned in 2021.

Against it was voted if it was successfully described against it.

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The deal is due to close later this year, until Musk’s employee Elon takes over. Could it go on until he’s too late?

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