Apple removes updated apps from its App Store

The US company, “Apple”, has begun to implement strict measures against applications within its store, which are no longer receiving updates from their developers, according to the UAE data report.

An email to developers, titled App Improvement Notice, warns Apple that it will remove apps from its App Store, a view that hasn’t been updated in a long time.

It only has 30 days to update, to ensure it stays on the App Store.

This update has been updated in earlier times, and it happened earlier, and The Verge

The measure has been met with disapproval, as critics of this policy, the use of smartphones, and, given their age, argue that

I suppose you see, that you see, that you see, that you see, that you see, that you see, the company is not spurring on what works in indie games.

It is noteworthy that applications began to appear in an advertising guise that appears in a new brand that appears in the release of a major version of Android.”

And she pointed out that developers have an opportunity until November 1, 2022, to update their applications for an option to obtain a 6-month extension, if they are not able to implement their commitment by the deadline.

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