Everything you need to know about the first retail store to promote virtual

Meta Company (formerly Facebook), revealed the opening of the first retail outlet in an attempt to sell virtual reality devices to consumers and market its idea of ​​augmented reality “Metaverse”, Al Arabiya Net reported.

And unlike tech giants like Apple, which owns retail stores in high-traffic areas such as malls and malls, the Meta Store opened on May 9 at the company’s campus in Burlingham, California.

Other products, according to what was reported by “CNBC”, and reviewed by “”.

The company committed $10 billion over the next year to help achieve this social and gaming goal.

Customers will be able to be customers through the Meta Store.

The glasses will only be available by ordering online.

Meta also plans to add a “shop” tab on its website.

“Our goal with the Meta Store is to show people what’s possible while providing a glimpse into the future with the advent of Metaverse — and demystifying the concept in the process,” the company said.

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