Journalists describe Musk’s Twitter inquiry as “bad news.”

Yesterday, the European Union condemned Elon Musk’s purchase of freedom of expression, according to a RT report.

Musk ended the buyout on Monday, paying $44 billion to own it, promising to make the platform a beacon of free speech, and the European Union and Resort (IFJ) and the European Union and Resort (EFJ) condemning Musk’s purchase of the platform.

In an educational context titled “Deal: Media Deal: Media Deal”, Bad News Media “raised fears of placing ‘in the hands of one individual with dire social and political consequences for the platform’ and warned that Musk’s plan to ‘validate all human beings would be It has repercussions for journalists and their sources as they depend on anonymity, and that his plans for “disorganized rhetoric on ‘Twitter’ without moderation will fuel misinformation and threaten the quality of journalism.”

By reducing content moderation, the unions argued that “journalists, especially women, and those who belong to groups” could be subject to online harassment.

The International General Trade Federation, the world’s accounting watchdog, is organizing to clamp down on freedom of expression, its secretary general said, on Tuesday, its secretary general said, be appropriately moderate.

EU Secretary-General Ricardo Gutierrez: “It is time to regulate ownership of media and social networks

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