China reveals that a spacecraft collided with an asteroid to prevent it from reaching Earth

You run into a spacecraft colliding with an asteroidArrow) of NASA.

They were released from the eccentric in a flight in a flight in a flight in flight in October of the year in flight for the China National Aerospace “Release” newspaper (CNSA), sometime soon.

The destination of the mission has not yet been determined, but Wu Yanhua said that CNSA It plans to target a potentially dangerous asteroid, to collide with our planet at some point in the future.

and planning CNSA also

Celebration of Chinese Space Day, which commemorates the launch of the country’s first satellite “Dongfangong-1” on April 24, 1970.

she was CNSA Tagged tagged gallery ready, ready, ready for saudi arabia in gallery, whitebooks books CNSA period from 2021 to 2025.

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