Google expands removal of search results that lead to personal information

Google says it’s expanding the types of personal information it will remove from search results to include things like your address and feature phone. At the same time, you can ask your vehicle to stop providing a URL that points to information that might drive someone to your home or give them access to your accounts.

Blueprint for a blog, introducing Google’s people services to new options because the “Internet is evolving” and a search engine providing your phone number or home address can be The verege.

Here is a list of the types of information you might remove on Google, with the new additions in bold (h/t to the Wayback Machine to make the old list accessible):

Identification Secret government numbers (ID) numbers such as Social Security Number, Individual Argentine Tax Identification, etc.

Bank account numbers.

Number and vitality cards.

Handwritten signatures.

Photocopies of identity documents.

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Personal contact information (numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses).

Confidential login credentials.

And check out a support page. Google will also remove things like “selfies,” deepfakes, Photoshop showing your photo, or links to sites running “exploitative removal practices.”

Submit an application Submit an Offer Submit a Google Submit a list of URLs that categorize your personal information, as well as the search pages displaying those links. After submitting the request, Google evaluates it.

The list indicates that you can get the next address, ‘next address’, ‘next address’, ‘next address’ or given in government.

If Google decides, it should remove it, you faced it, you faced it, you faced it.

Extreme sex seems to be relatively intense for what is considered some personal information, making it various in some EU forms to comply with the right to be forgotten rules.

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