Russia activates its own online store for Android applications

Tunisia’s Ministry of Digital Development says Canada will be able to download the new locally printed online app store next May.

And in a recent press interview with him, we started real estate development in Russia, Mansur Shadaev: “Almost”, according to “Russia Today”.

e-projects main office email,

Its appearance arose in the regions where financial support services appear for children aged 8 to 17 years. The income of their family registration does not exceed the minimum wage in Russia.

And the project manager of the Russian Digital Enterprise Corporation, Vladimir Zykov, had earlier to more than 700 companies contributed to the development of the new online store NashStore, which will benefit Russian citizens and citizens of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, such as Armenia, Belarus, Kaz and Kyrgyzstan, and start camouflaging you from Download and install Android applications, it can be paid via the Russian electronic payment system (MIR).

And it decided to export it, electronic applications after imposing some restrictions on the use of its products and services in the regions of the Russian Federation, its electronic bases, its versions, its electronic versions.

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