An American space company is trying to catch a missile in the air using a helicopter

A bomber was tried in the air in 2004, and I managed to get a chance to get a job in the formula and a new method. .

A helicopter to stick to the missile’s canopy as it slows from speeds of 5,000 h (8,000 km/h) to a mere 22 mph (35 km/h) to a mere 22 mph (35 km/h) over the Pacific Ocean.

The headquarters of Rocket Lab is in the News Mahia Peninsula, and the mission “there and back again”, which will be the launch of an Electron rocket, production plant, will see the deployment of 34 satellites into Earth orbit, including one to monitor light pollution on our planet, and after two and a half minutes of Launching, the first and second stages of the rocket separate.

It will continue with the last update, while the first stage will drop to Earth at speeds above 5,000 mph (8,000 km/h).

Temperatures of 4,352 °F (2,400 °C) before spreading to about 22 mph (35 km/h) as it entered the “pickup zone” over the Pacific Ocean.

Will Rocket Lab then try to capture the missile with a Sikorsky S-92, a major aviation in air and sea transport, as well as in search and rescue operations.

After 18 minutes from the start, after having a good atmosphere in East Africa, you can reconsider the opportunity to reset the site in time.

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