Google Takes First Steps In Rolling Out Android Privacy Sandbox

Google has announced Privacy Sandbox in the Android project, a new system designed to solve for external communications

Google announced on Thursday, it’s now available

The Privacy Sandbox A deliberate development effort that will result in you working with third parties across applications including Advertising ID

And we’re unearthing too

This preview for developers is an early look at the SDK Runtime and Topics API up to two years from how they fit into their apps and processes in a major way officially released.

We first saw the Topics API in January pull data from Chrome for this week’s top interests, based on search and browsing history, and then this email is compared to a database of topics from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Google’s private data.

And we can contact other partners, ping the thread API, see what it’s dealing with, then deal with it, then the most important ads without having to know the nitty-gritty about potential customers.

Existing developers will also be able to access the Fledge API version, this allows sites, remarketing, for example, and serve ads to remind them of their current, leftover items in their cart, and indeed, the Sandbox comes with everything developers need .

From the start, the start, and welcomes feedback and questions from the developer community, including the Android SDK and 64-bit Android Emulator, the company intends to improve its toolkit even further.

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