Intelligence is looking for people.. What is the story of smart cities?

This has become a daily lifestyle in the world, and it has become widespread in our homes. What does it mean for a city to be smart?

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Cities are not islands in comparison. And because more than half of the world’s population will live in blogging cities by 2050, smart cities are getting bigger.

The emergence of energy in the streets.

And Laila Al-Hadramiyeh, who is the director of city development at the National Energy Center in the Sultanate of Oman, gave a new talk on behalf of the new cities and other cities.

She said that there are solutions to challenges, and an attempt to develop services in order to provide a decent, stable and city life. Other emigration abroad.

Laila Al-Hadhrami stresses on making developments and introducing development developments such as “infrastructure laws”, which legitimize that there should be continuous development in building developmental capabilities in projects for the development and construction of facilities for telecom development facilities in the world.

Commercial Projects Projects Commercial Projects Projects Commercial Projects Projects Projects.

The two smartest cities in the Middle East

As for Elie Al-Kawfi, a consultant analyst at RMA Advisory, he believes in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” that the Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries, are taking accelerated steps on the path to adopting smart cities, pointing to the Arab cities most ready to transform into a smart city, which are the cities which spent its own, a city that stood up to develop its basic software such as communication and computing power.

Al-Quwafi drew attention to the United Arab Emirates, which was the first country in the region to begin establishing structures in the Middle East and Africa.

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