Revenue up 16% year-on-year to $1.20 billion

The social media platform reported 16% year-over-year growth (19% increase in constant currency) in outreach to $1.20 billion for the first quarter ending in March, as the company said it was a headwind of the war in Ukraine.

At the start of the quarter, the company announced the sale of its platform, MoPub, for $1.05 billion, and when excluding the purchase of MoPub and MoPub, year-over-year revenue growth was 22%.

Net income of $513 million, which is similar to net income of 43% and diluted earnings per share of $0.61, where net income of $513 million before taxes is $970 million from sale of MoPub $1.05 billion, income taxes and income reading $331 million, net income $68 million, 7% net share

Due to inquiring about good behavior with the release of first-quarter 2022 earnings.

And this past Monday, when the transaction is completed, it will become Twitter.

Approval of the deal, which ends on hold in 2022, was ahead of Twitter’s board of directors.

According to the company’s indicators, average daily active useable income (mDAU) was 229.0 million in the first quarter, compared to the first quarter of the previous year, the international average MDAU 189.4 million for the first quarter, 18.1% compared to the first quarter of the previous year.

Costs and Expenses of $1.33 billion, 35% YoY, resulted in costs of $128 million and an operating margin of -11%, compared to Defense operating income of $52 million or 5% margin in the same period in the prior year.

Revenues down $1.11 billion, total from last year.

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