It can become a modified VR headset

In the latter period, meta-versus was described as a place, or it was the next time with their dreams..

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, for these experiences to be truly actual, it is not only about what you can feel from the Metavirus, but also what you can feel..

Report from the Daily Mail

Scientists in Pennsylvania have now revealed a new steamy technology that makes it possible to “kiss” someone in metaverse By sending true-to-life sensations to your lips, teeth and tongue.

Scientists have modified a virtual reality headset (VR) Built with touch technology, which means it sees through the scales of your memories and movements.

It uses a thin array of built-in power on the other side of the Arabic language VR Directing ultrasound energy to different parts of the mouth.

The new god
The new god

In addition to the kissing sensations, this technique can be used to drink from a virtual water fountain or take a puff from a cigarette.

The headphone prototype is developed, which is a Oculus Quest 2by researchers in the group future interfaces group Affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The headset modified to prepare his mouth equipment; Instead, it is placed above the nose.

For the working group, the mouth was largely overlooked as a tactile target in virtual and augmented reality (EN) ranked second in terms of sensitivity behind the fingertips.

Haptic feedback is typically the vibrations on a person’s hands via video game controllers to match gameplay such as the feeling of vibration in FIFA When the ball hits the prism.

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