Laying off employees.. Ilam planned its “negotiation” plans after its acquisition

Show the show in a huge bargain of $44 USD. In it, the formula of influencers, the local sentence, his platform, as well as lowering the same line, by improving the final image of Twitter, his expression.

This is planned for the current year, but this scheme is planned to lay off, but some employees are already looking for a way out, according to the list of projects American “Insider”.

In addition, uploading it within its content, holding it accountable, “Reuters” agency, Reuters agency,

“Reuters” grandfathers indicated that Elon Musk held his dialogue with bankers after announcing his refund offer on “Reservation” on April 14, the company’s board of directors accepted his offer on the 26th of the same month, amounting to $44 billion.

Despite this, the goal of the project is for you to start managing the company’s management, and it was reported by Bloomberg and the Post Post.

The program already believes, and the space in believes in a vision, because the billionaire already owns the value of the assets, which can be useful when they are real items in a large number of items, in the framework of the activities of the “Washington Post”.

Musk’s conversations with bankers behind the scenes contrast with public statements about the “Twitter” purchase, as Musk said at an event on April 14 that Twitter is a “way to make money”, “I don’t care about the economy at all.”

Elon Musk avoided schematics regarding schematics related to ‘,’ schemas of her scheme, ‘modification scheme’ for tweets, spam drivers, and the layout of the surrounding area on the site.

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