Report: Snap breaks into the world of augmented reality shopping

Snap has revealed that it will introduce new technologies and features to make it easier for brands to create augmented reality experiences on Snapchat, as well as a flying camera.

A trademark of the latest technological developments, the Monica, California-based company, which is based in America above, announced a brand and net brand for Reuters.

The flying camera, which Snap said will cost $230 and sell in the United States and France, will also represent a renewed impetus to the group’s development in the approval space.

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tremendous amount

Can you see potential…

Snap will begin offering a variety of free services to AR developers, including data storage. So far, they have been scrubbing the image and adding it to the file size so it loads quickly.

In addition to adding capacity, the developer will be able to create a more complex augmented reality experience.

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More than 600 million

They are sold in the “Dress Up” tab of Snapchat, where clothing and accessories can be viewed.

Snapchat currently has more than 600 million monthly users globally, up from 500 million last year.

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