How do you know if the AirPods are original .. Know the verification methods

There are ways in which your AirPods achieve, and the prestige is stated by “business insider”.

There are several ways to tell if your AirPods are fake grow

Apple website gives him the opportunity which makes him contact the warranty.

This is great;

You can use the site to generate the serial number of your AirPods.

AirPods AirPods, pressing the i icon next to their name, list the serial number on the page that opens.

Second: You can find the serial number written on the inside of the case, in the space where the AirPod head is not.

Go back to the coverage verification site and enter it at the top, then fill in the CAPTCHA and click Continue.

If you’re brought to a page that asks you to enter your purchase date, or a page that tells you about available warranty options, your AirPods are now legitimate.

Sending a message that Apple is unable to verify the serial number is a fake gift.

Other ways I don’t save a fossil

It has very high production standards, very high productivity, and people in the same ear.

Here are some errors to look out for:

• Select a guide to typos, fakes are usually covered with misspellings and grammatical errors in the English language.

• Do you use iPhones? If not, it is guaranteed to be fake.

• The plastic on fake AirPods tends to feel cheaper and faster than original models.

• The box must have its packaging on its other packaging, and this button must be on its packaging.

• I put my AirPods in their case and opened them near my iPhone or iPad. If not, this is as fake.

• If AirPods won’t appear in Find My app when connected to your device.

• Click on the i icon next to its name.

It is a device and options Forget this device, it is full.

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