NASA launches a naked human being into space, hoping to “attract aliens”

NASA scientists plan to release images of humans into space to lure aliens to us. The images also found a call to action if an intelligent alien race, according to an RT report.

The image of a man and a woman appears in an attempt to appear.

NASA scientists revealed the image in a study prepared by

The main objective of the BITG project is to send a message to any alien civilization that might exist there

To help us communicate with extraterrestrials.

Gravity Gravity.

And all of this amounts to an up-to-date, bi-encoded message that can reach space.

Scientists believe that a binary-encoded message is likely to be understood by aliens.

Scientists see in their study: “To be open in all kinds of intelligence.

lonely, space, or empty space

Answer: “The message sentences The message sentences are basic mathematical and physical concepts for sale, the atmosphere of global communication, and the solar chronological position in the Milky Way in relation to the known spherical imaging, in addition to the solar digital and the Earth’s surface.”

He took part in space in the Pioneer 10 and 1973 Pioneer 11 missions, which included drawings of naked humans. And on the ground they began to appear.

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