Dutch watchdog on Google Play Store practices

The Future Corporation for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has announced an investigation and excursions into Google’s outlets, fountains and outlets

Tinder owner Match Group has asked the regulator to assess whether Google is abusing a dominant position in the dating app market, and ACM Calendar Morco Menliev, said in an email: “It is alleged that dating app providers can no longer use a payment system other than a private payment system. google”.

In response, he said his Google spokeswoman Appearance App Store Show Rate View Among the major app platforms.

She said that the distributors of applications.

Its value of 50 million euros has received the maximum amount that can be distributed on the decision of the current Court of Justice –

The ACM reported on Monday that their latest photo shoot has taken her on a new journey.

“We are transcribing for this new order subject to, round, commenting on the case as well in the case of non-compliance in the event of non-compliance, that could take several weeks,” ACM said.

Apple said it believed it had already adequately complied with ACM’s orders and declined to comment.

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