How do you do it? How to use dark mode on Wikipedia

There are generally two methods on dark mode, and dark mode is available in the app version, regardless of whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android.

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, open the Wikipedia app and tap Explore in the bottom corner, tap the gear icon at the top to open the Settings menu, then select Reading preferences.

Tap More at the bottom left, then select Settings, tap on the app.

Use the available options What you want Wikipedia to look like, by default, it will only be set to match your system theme, where you have your phone in the dark, Wikipedia will be as well.

But if you want the dark mode to stay on permanently, tap on one of the two types of dark mode available: Dark and Black.

Dark will turn the background from white to dark blue, while black will erase it dark, the second alternative is great for OLED screens.

There is a sepia option, which colors the background in brown, and when dark mode is turned on, you can also go to image dimming, that’s to make the selected images on Wikipedia less bright, the color is chosen sharply with the dark background.

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