How to change the color and background in Google Keep

There are note-taking apps, where Apple has its own notes as well as Google, which is known as Google Keep, which is a useful app for taking notes and setting reminders as well.

What is Google Keep

Google Keep is the note-taking service, becoming your daily open note-taking triggers. Google Keep is available in both formats, online as the interface opens displaying messages in one year of columns.

How to add color and background to Google Keep.

How to change the look of your Google Keep on Android

1. Open the Keep app on your Android phone

2.Click on the three lines in the upper corner

3.When the menu opens, click on the option Settings

4.Click on the topic and select your choice from “light and dark”

How to change the background color of Google Keep on Android

1.Go to Google Keep

2.Click on any saved note

3.Click the three dots on the right side of the screen

4. Select the color from and it will be applied

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