How to enable Picture Mode with pictures to watch videos on Windows 11

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The videos are played in the small picture driver that appears in the picture-in-picture driver or screenshot is running on the screen, this image can be used in the smart screenshot, but you can use the picture mode in your Windows 11 computer? Yes, you can use Picture in Picture mode to watch videos on Windows 11.

Playing Movies & TV on Windows 11 has picture-in-picture playback support, however, playback only appears if you have a video on your PC.

If you want to play shooting mode videos in shooting mode, you need to use a browser that supports picture-in-picture, here is how to play picture-in-picture videos on Windows 11.

1. First, open file explorer, right-click the video file you want to play in Picture-in-Picture mode.

2. Now, select Open Use from the highlighted options and select Movies & TV.

3. Open the video player, click on the video playback in the video player display in the video mode in picture-in-picture mode.

And the video will now continue in a floating window on top of a window that appears, you can also scroll around the floating video across your desktop.

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