How to track lost phones using google maps?

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What is Find My Device?

GPS signals use the location on Google Maps.

You can also use it on your device, and it seems to have run into the wrong hands.

You can manage multiple platform devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Find My Device tool to locate and lock your lost Android device until you get it back, base for Google.

See on your tablet or view on the map, if the current location is not available, you will see the last known location. “

Apple offers a similar Find Me service for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other transfers from The Sun.

This does not work with Android devices, such as Samsung or Google smartphones and tablets.

How to use Find My Device

Using Find My Device, you have to sign in to your Google account on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or other phone.

After that, open the Find My Device app on Google to search Android.

A map of other countries will appear

Click or tap at the top of the screen and a place appears, tap tap tap tap that.

On the left you have the option to play a sound or erase content from the device.

If it is set to silent.

The third option lets you gives you the option and locks you and records your access to your Google.

This is a good way to secure your data if you think your gadget has been stolen.

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