The FIFA name will be used in football matches starting next year

Games company Electronic Arts is seeking to abandon FIFA after nearly 30 years of using the name of the governing body for football in its games, as FIFA 23 will be the last EA game of this brand when it arrives later this year, and starting in 2023, it will use matches Football in the history of the ‘EA Sports FC’ title instead, as more information was revealed about the first title in the renewed series in July 2023.

Rebranding, EA Siri A’s branding may be no different.

Expect the site next year to have 19,000 players, 700+ teams north of 100 stadiums and 30 championships, and it will still be there like Career, Ultimate Team, and VOLTA Football, too, however, FIFA-run such as the World Cup and Women’s World Cup in future titles.

Big and impressive all over the world, he said, we had a fantastic opportunity for EA Sports FC to be at the heart of it. This sport, to bring more innovative experiences

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