Elon Musk: Russia intensified intensified to jam Starlink in Ukraine

Elon Musk said, Russia has intensified its population through a network of industrial families starlink Affiliate of SpaceX In Ukraine, but it did not work, and Musk wrote on Twitter: “The company resisted starlink Attempts to hack and jam Russian electronics so far, but they are intensifying.

Except for what the website says.interested in tradeIt seems that Russian hostility towards starlink And the mask has grown since then starlink In charging charging stations to Ukraine after the Russian invasion and the ensuing internet outage.

I sent starlink Technology after being called Mikhailo FedorovMasked a procedure in late February, and reportedly helped the company starlink U.S.-Ukrainian Forces to Stay Online Amid the Russian Invasion.

Musk first announced in March that Russia had tried to attack the network starlinkBut, she said, the company, at that point, “resisted all attempts at hacking and obfuscation.”

Defprember, Pentagon official, conference C4ISRNET In April, that starlink The fastest attack time in Ukraine.

The network has gained 150,000 daily users in Ukraine since there in February, and the company also wants to send terminal shipments starlink To Ukraine, critical support of the service structure of Ukraine and the restoration of devastated lands.

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