Engineers call the science of English

inspired Shezam From the music search app ShazamArtificial intelligence (AITo select the different types of cheese, a set of suggestions appears.

2017 for a case reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, an application works Shezam From a database comparison of 9000 images of different types of cheese.

He looks to identify key signs, including its size and printing method, and the way the pictures are arranged in the cheese when it’s cooked.

Isabel Machula, Director of the company explained s French, who has provided annotations to thousands of cheeses, explains how the algorithm works.

Also you can be able to select the image, these indicators appear, and they appear in this image.

Developers are encouraged Shezam Indicates an indication of errors, up to two years of application improvement.

longer Shezam Exhibited in France is shown only worldwide.

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