Google Latest Offers Enhanced Glasses

View Screenshot View Screenshot Big View: Augmented Reality Overview While a large part of Silicon Valley is invested heavily in making AR glasses a reality, so far no new AR feature implementation has been proposed, which gives you the opportunity to express its value real estate.

The image may be under view, as it is showing gallery to view it. But what was shown in the video painted a pretty cool picture of a potential AR future moving The Verege.

In one demo, a Google product manager tells a person wearing glasses, “You see what I’m saying, transcribed for you in real time — sort of subtitles for the world.” Later, the video shows what you might see if you were wearing glasses: With the speaker in front of you , the translated language appears in real time in your streak.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared some information about how the company will showcase augmented reality before presenting the main videos on Wednesday at I/O. Based on what he said, it appears the company sees augmented reality in places where smartphones are.

Looking to the future, there is a huge opportunity in this area, and the company has been working on augmented reality in Google products, from Google. Caravan-mounted telescopic lenses and mountable lenses.

Think this look is already present in many phones and it will come your way.

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