OpenSea adds NFT copy detection and verification features

OpenSea announced its harvest in the blog posts area. We question the new system updates from the publication.

And the “Copymints” are rip codes from other NFTs and have proven to be problematic for platforms like OpenSea, last year the platform banned two groups that imitated Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs by flipping them over so the image could be reversed.

Although the NFT owner is registered on the blockchain, fakes are rife, and in February it said more than 80 percent of the items it removed were due to the use of the free mint facility from the transfer site.

Open copy says, it’s copy, new copy from copy from, copy from hack. The company says it will use image recognition technology to scan NFTs on the original image for events and other occasions. OpenSea says human reviewers will also consider removal recommendations.

“We are committed to connecting the needle between removing replication and making a landscape that appears intrinsically to thrive,” OpenSea e.

Account is also updated on OpenSea Transfer must be applied by invitation Only available for accounts with at least 100 volumes of ETH The company says it plans to expand soon Can sign up for a blue badge when owning an account of it Meet 100 volumes ETH trading.

OpenSea has rolled out other features in recent months. Following reports of scams and scams associated with the platform, in February the company announced a verified customer system, in response to scammers impersonating OpenSea employees and gaining access to people’s crypto wallets.

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