Report: Apple, Nvidia and AMD suppliers prepare to improve prices again

Report that the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing company (TSMC), the graphic manufacturer of many hotels in the world, is preparing to raise its prices again.

And according to what you said Me more And Nikki Asia It appears that 20% product prices appear in the most recent products to appear.

According to Nikki Asia which seems to be a good resource in the technology industry, it seems that TSMC May need to become cost from 2023, start activity digitartlends.

It is said that TSMC High prices to world markets. Constrained supply chains have been a constant topic over the last couple of years.

sheds Me more light on rising TSMC including the likes of apple And Intel Corporation And nvidia And AMD already paying higher rates by 2021.

At the beginning of 2022, enter a report DigiTimes Until the prices of processors TSMC Will grow “significantly” in 2022 due to rising foundry costs.

These prices will be subject to a further increase of 5% to 8%. In 2023, the advertising campaigns TSMC to raise prices. “

As for the expansion mentioned in the report, it was reported that the company TSMC Up to $44 billion in expansion value for the world’s most valuable technology company.

Technology Industry Dependence on TSMC

Who is he TSMC? Provides some slices of juice in the world.

Ref Me more until TSMC Slices a series for products like iPhone 13 And iPhone SE.

and hire a company apple Outsourced silicone manufacturing to TSMC for screen like M1 Pro And M1 Max Found on some of the company’s latest devices, including the 2021 model MacBook Pro And Mac studio.

Despite this, the costs of its parts, and the final result appeared, agreed, agreed, Watford, Falq, Falq, Falq, Falaq, Falq, Falq, Falq, Falq, Falq, Falaq.

Get ready if processing unit and CPUs Iphone and others

Not likely to become devices Iphone And Mac Higher prices depend nvidia And AMD also on TSMC To store them for the next generation of processing units.

Reportedly paid Green . Team Already 10 billion for TSMC Against its demand for 5 nm silicon, while it is expected to allocate AMD 6.5 billion this year to chip suppliers, including TSMC.

It has achieved technological development and become more and more popular TSMC great success.

Revenue for the month of April saw $5.81 billion in sales, a 55% jump over 2021..

Even throughout 2021, witnessed TSMC Six consecutive quarters of sales in December 2017.

From now on, holidays, all you want from membership TSMC More than ever, by all accounts, this will continue to move forward.

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