Successful docking of a Chinese space truck to the station .. Know the details

Chinese spacecraft docked.

Suddenly, according to the “RT” website, according to the administration, the truck docked abundantly at the station at 08:54 local time (03:54 Pacific time).

It is noteworthy that the “Tiangu-4” truck was launched by a “Changin-7” missile from the “Wenchang” space airport, on the Chinese island of Hainan.

It is noteworthy that the weight of the truck when launched was 13,500 kg. Sponsor the land to deliver 6900 kg of land.

It is worth noting that the Chinese space zone flies at an altitude of 400 km. It is expected to serve 10 apartments and accommodate 3. The station is currently composed of the “Tianguo” first version of the Tiangu-3 and Tiangu-4 satellite units. It is expected that the Wantiang and Mantiang satellite units will later dock with the station.

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