What is meant by the discovery of the probe as the secrets of water on Mars?

Scientists started long ago from Mars, solving the problem of the red planet and its history.

A huge project from the sky in the sky, a good version of the rover from the rover.

Scientists used data collected by the spacecraft in the first 92 days in particular at its landing site in Utopia Planetia, where Yang Liu, a researcher at the National Space Science Center (NSSC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and his colleagues analyzed data from Three different instruments are on Zhurong: a laser-induced breakdown spectrometer (MarSCoDe), a telescopic micro-imaging camera and a short-wave infrared spectrometer.

These tools indicate the presence of a large amount of liquid water at the site about 700 million years ago.

Brand New: “Very good result,” adding, “We have very few pioneers in liquid water systems on Mars. Form brine minerals.

greater than 350 days from Mars, = = 1.24 miles (2 kilometers)

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