Google makes deals with 300 European publishers to pay for content

Recent disclosures, that Google has become paid business deals from 300 publishers in Germany, France and four other countries in the European Union in exchange for their news and will roll out a tool that makes it easier for others.

The move was announced publicly recently after EU copyright rules were adopted 3 years ago Google Watch and Watch Online pays musicians, performers, embeders, news publishers and journalists for the use of their work.

Fair Rewards for Their Content, New Jersey

“To date, more than 300 discussion uploads in Europe and local and European and European entries, discussions and discussions,” said Sina Kunal, Director of News and Publishing Partnerships, the blog did not mention which publishers are charged.

Two-thirds of this group are German publishers including Der Spiegel, Die Zeit and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, “We are now announcing the launch of a tool for pitching to thousands of other news publishers, Germany and Hungary, and then publishing it in other EU countries within the first months,” Kunal said in the blog post.

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