How do you run it? How to turn on pop-up notifications for Google Meets

Prepare Google is dead It works to send alert messages, then send it to send you notification messages in order to send alert messages, Google is deadwhere it gives you the steps, according to the site “.interested in trade“.

Steps to Turn On Popup Notifications for Google Meets

1. Start Google Chrome on the computer.

2. On the top top, click on the three dots menu and then choose Settings.

3. In the navigation and security on the left.

4. Click on Site Settings.

5. In the Cover section, tap Notifications.

6. In the Not allowed to enter notifications section, find the notifications entry Google is dead.

7. Click on the three dots menu on the left Google is dead And in the popup, choose Allow.

And then emit from the satiation in the notice in Google is dead.

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