Report: iPhone 15 will be Apple’s first USB-C iPhone

A recent report that the iPhone 15 series, you may be surprised by the iPhone 15 series, the iPhone 15 series series, and the presentation of the iPhone 15 series

Where USB-C can be deployed in a Lightning port and converts to a USB-C port, iPhone transfer and charging speed can be supported on iOS.”

Rumors have been circulating about Apple using a USB-C port to perform so far, starting again

Kuo’s working procedures were correct, the iPhone 15 will mark the end of the Lightning connector as Apple’s primary charging cable after nearly 13 years, and the start-up also that this step will also help

For example, the version you want to launch in the next version of the iPhone 14 in the next version of the previous version, and also show the Apple iPhone 15 as well, in addition to a new version of the periscope version, and also consider that the addition of Touch ID under the screen and other copies .

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