Scholars in the manly ascension from the manly ascension

She trained at the University of “Petersburg” State Electrotechnical Systems.

Luck mentioned by the “RT” website, the university’s press office said that it found it for each user individually to measure blood pressure anywhere.

Photo of the university press office, Nikita Antipov, one of the project owners: “We have developed a system that automatically measures a patient’s blood pressure to the graph data collected using a sensor installed inside the case of a smartphone.

Here the sensors are widely produced by different companies. And in order to show, appear, appear, share, a set of artificial nerve networks on the data collected by Cardio, the device has been patented.”

Plotted Graph (PPG)

He achieved about 500 images in different conditions, for example, during exercise or at rest. The data contained the maximum incoming noise in the noise.

It was published, Nikita Antipov that he was set on the originating unit. and display the information at a later time. The operation is only required to display information about the measurement results on the smartphone screen of the office. The accuracy of the blood pressure measurement was about 96%.”

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