US launches satellites to track hypersonic weapons

John Hill, Director of the Missile Defense Agency, announced plans to launch industrial missiles in 2023 to track ballistic and hypersonic missiles transmitted speed RT.

A spokesman for the armed forces of the US Armed Forces said: “We will launch into space in March 2023 prototypes of two interacting satellites.”

And he adds, these are satellites, oceans, satellites. It is expected that these satellites will allow control of the tests taking place in the Pacific Ocean.

Hill points out that the US Department of Defense will request the implementation of this project from private companies, which are currently contributing to the creation of the anti-hypersonic missile defense system.

He had announced last April 19, that regardless of technological development, the US military is currently losing its supremacy and has become weak in front of the opponents of the United States.

Noting that in May 2021 the US Army failed to test the Minuteman III anti-satellite missile. The purpose of testing this missile was to collect information to support the missile defense system.

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