1.5 million applications may be removed by Google and Apple from their stores .. I know why

Earlier, Apple and Google started warning developers of apps that had been updated for a long time, for multiple reports, Apple sent notifications to some developers and warned them that apps were canceled if they had been updated in a period of time.

Anniversary, Jamil, a report by analytics firm Pixalate indicates that nearly 30 apps are on the App Store and Play Store.

They are updated with videos, references, and games, which are shown in children’s homes.”

The Pixalate report also found that there are more than 314,000 apps that are “extremely abandoned,” meaning they haven’t been updated in over years, and of those, 58% are on the Apple App Store (184,000 apps) and 42% on Google Play (130 A. Application).

Apparently 1.3 million apps have been updated across Google Play Stores, Apple Beginning, Beginning Beginning, early Q1 2022.

It stated that it would remove the apps from the App Store, but the print it made, the current send, or is outdated.”

It also Google Bell Wed Wed Wed Wed Wed South Africa What this means is that apps are running and new Android updates”, or can’t be published.

Why will “obsolete” apps be removed?

The reasons why these apps can be removed from the App Stores. With applications that are not updated, there is a risk of security risk. They are also loaded with errors that could be problematic. Also, if a developer is to get revenue from advertisers, the app will need to be updated regularly.

When is the application expected to be removed?

The email I sent to the developers, Apple says it gives them 30 days to update the apps, otherwise they will be removed from the apps. So it is not clear how and when it will remove the apps. On the other hand, the clear dot century is a consideration that as of November 1, 2022, new applications are from the Applications API level.”

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