Apple begins rolling out the final version of iOS 15.5 .. All you need to know about it

Days after the first release

The last version, the last version, the last version, the candidate version.

The latest update was available to all developers and general testers via the previous update in the iPhone Settings app, and the latest software update appeared.

If you can receive the update, you can install it in your phone from the same page, and as it has been updated,

Despite this, the hope for the upcoming iOS update will be expected to fit their expectations and space in addition to improvements and the appearance of updates in upcoming updates to the latest updates in the atmosphere of Apple and Music that the company removed with iOS 15.4.

The speeds of the songs are changed within the application, the API is also used, as well as third-party music players.

Aside from this, Apple’s right to get Apple iPhones a new app with the upcoming iOS update, according to a report by MacRumors, references to a new “classic Apple” app have been discovered in iOS 15.5 development and likely complement Apple’s existing Music app.

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