How to recover deleted Facebook messages with tricks of seconds seconds?

In search of more privacy, he may resort to deleting a message via the “Facebook” messaging application, as soon as it is published, the messages appear on the e-mail. RT.

When you need the deleted message via Facebook Messenger, there are actually some ways to do it, and many are watching them.

Here are some of the ways you can use to recover deleted Facebook messages:

Check archived conversations

If you would like, by archiving, to check your voice, please, clips from the videos,.


Check your email

You received email alerts “Facebook Messenger”, you may find what you are looking for in your mailbox property.

Just search and see what happens.

Android file management

There is a way to run the Android operating system. And please save the cache files (Android file manager).

If you have a good application in placing an audio ad, you do not have a free application from the Google Play Store“.

Once you have the invoices, open them and go to the in-office (internal storage).

There you will see any messages from your recent history, and with some luck, the deleted messages will be among them.

Download “Facebook” information

On board from abroad.

Just open Settings and go to Your Facebook informationfollowed by some of your information (download your information)

Then select a time range, make it as much as you might download it some time.

After that, tap on Select Select All (unselect all) And select messages manually.

Fifth, click Email, Email, Email.

Ask the other party to the conversation

The last option is to ask the person for a copy of the conversation.

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