Russian students invent a space bath .. know the details

Students at Baltic State Technical University have prepared an experimental model of a private space pigeon that will greatly simplify around the Earth in the Earth, said university student, Anastasia Kadadova, in a speech who gave the official floor, an experimental model of the pigeon, the Russian. , Alexander Masarsky, formed the project to purchase a new space bath, and one of the most important features of this project is the use of released air.

A project for what was reported by “RT”, the new student, explained: “Our project is on a patent received by Dr. Alex Masarky, former head of the Student Design Office at Baltic University and a judo wrestling coach. And in space too.”

The student said that the aviation project, which initiated his divorce, had begun. Refuse to use voids in spaces designated for interior spaces in space. Our project is to return to the air, which has a therapeutic effect.

It should be noted that Baltic University is cooperating with the “Ros Cosmos” space corporation, which is currently studying the use of its students’ invention in space stations.

It is worth noting that the promising space bath is a heat-sealed room with an interior of 69 square meters.

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