China is testing a hot air balloon

Today, Sunday, experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences tested a modified model of the national airship “Jimo-1” in the Tibetan Plateau region, RT reports.

The record for “China Daily”, rose to the highest peak in the world.

The Academy used this 2,6-ton, 9, 000-cubic-meter airship, Meteorology.

The Institute of the Tibetan Plateau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that such a powerful airship rises to such a height for the first time in history, the first model “Jimo-1” in 2019 rose to a height of 7 thousand meters

And manufacturing plant for the manufacture of raw materials up to 70 degrees Celsius below zero.

He managed to get atmospheric data, including what’s in print, thanks to what’s in it, thanks to what’s in print, thanks to what’s in it high up in the air.

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