Facebook Pay for Meta Pay payment service coming soon.. Know the details

A recent report that Facebook Pay will soon be renamed to Meta Pay, according to a post by Stefan Kasriel, director of financial technology at the company that owns Facebook, Meta, with the rebranding, the company is focusing on new experiences already with Facebook Pay in regions experiencing adoption, instead. , to focus on expanding into new countries.

Why did Facebook change the name of its payment service?

Also Look at the Chart Explores the Meta Also, Compass Early, Meta looks at how you can prove your identity Wave this identity in different experiences in the metaverse.

The company is also thinking about how to store the digital goods it owns and lastly, the company is looking at how and how to pay easily, whether it is for a friend or making a purchase from a company or a content creator, and also plans to participate in this project in the future.

“Our path forward is centered on our mission of rapid access to the global financial system and financial empowerment,” Kasriel wrote, “and, real cost in cost — ready to use right now, real time is a key situation right now, Costs are placed at this point, stopping growth

He states that Facebook has been in payment services since 2009 and says that this means that its platform programs these packages in 160 countries and 55 currencies, including person-to-person, company-to-business, and company-to-company-to-software.

Notably, the company rebranded the company to Meta in October to further attract the company’s core ambition, which is to build the metaverse, …, the previous theme, Computer, and, logically, to make a change to its predecessors as well, especially

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