Google brings back the GTalk icon on Google Chat .. Know the details

Google Chat has made a small change, Google’s chat platform is bringing back the idle state (that orange yard) that was originally found in Google Talk, with the company saying “In Google Chat on the site and Chat in Gmail, you’ll see the orange clock badge over Orbit 7:00, please call us,

And in 2020, Google added the ability to represent in Opportunity, themselves, themselves, themselves, and satisfied “if it’s been active in Gmail or Google Chat for the last 5 minutes,” the corporate office, idle state is now only available on the web.

How to change your status on Google Chat

On your laptop/PC, open Gmail.

At the top left, next to the status indicator, tap the down arrow.

– Can choose between: default or not set remote.

How to set a custom status

Go to your Google chat or Gmail account.

– Your status indicator is at the top, click the down arrow.

– Click Add Status.

– Continue to follow an emoji, write a status message, end or clear a status.

Finish, click Done.

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