How to add a career break to your LinkedIn profile

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The Microsoft-owned company was released on March 1, 2010, but you can add a career break to mobile phones, which gives them a way to point out the holes on their resume. * Kinds of comfort, career, parenting, safety, labor, bereavement, transition to career and travel.

Occupational matters in professional breaks are beginning to become more common among women.

The company said about 67% of previous job posts on LinkedIn in January were from work, with the proportion rising in the United States.

About 70% of women said taking a job leave helped them gain perspective and learn what they really want out of life, a LinkedIn survey reported in January.

We’ll walk you through how to add a career playback to your LinkedIn profile.

How to add a career break to your LinkedIn profile.

Putting a career break on your LinkedIn resume is fairly simple. It only takes a few steps.

Click the Add section below your profile picture.

Then select Add Career Break.

You can choose the type of professional leave, fill in information about the length and description of the period of professional leave, and attach any relevant media.

When you have finished adding the relevant information, click Save.

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