Steps .. How to delete your account on Snapchat

Several images have been included, and also, to keep save, save save, save, save, basic save, as well as some extras, including Snapchat, Snapchat Spotlight, you decide to make a decision on your social, here are the steps you can take it in its turn.

How to delete your Snapchat account

If you want to delete your Snapchat account, browser or Android, just go to the accounts page and fire version

You can then select the “Delete my account” option.

If you are looking to delete your Snapchat from within the iOS app, follow these steps:

– Click your account at the top of the screen

– Click on the profile button.

– Position at the bottom of the list below the actions

-Select “Delete Account”

– Follow the subscriber to delete your Snapchat account

However your account has been deleted; Confirming that until release will enter your account into a 30-day period of deactivation.

During this time, the device should help anyone from contacting you. , turn on , turn on activate activate , activate , activate , restart , activate quick launch , fast restart .

It is important to remember that you can log in to your email address used for the email, please make sure that you note this down.

Deleting your account means removal.

the account

Account settings





Device data

Location data

Business information related to the business on Snapchat.

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